Mum has been a resident for almost a year and during that time Katherine House staff have been loving, kind, patient, attentive, good fun and extremely hard working. Having been widowed and then trying to live independently, Mum was exhausted, unwell, lonely and had lost all sense of the shape of a normal day, with sleep and mealtimes all over the place. It has taken the best part of this year but she is now much better, with improved health and sleep, engaging in activities provided and being interested in much more than she was. I must particularly praise the staff’s attention to skin health, photographing anything of concern and monitoring closely and moisturising regularly. There is also excellent communication, and clear lines of responsibility so that issues and messages don’t get missed. It has been very hard for all of us losing our Dad/Mum’s husband of 58 years, and Katherine House has made every effort to help her life be as good as it can be. Thank you all very much.